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Picture the scene - a lovely Summer's evening, the soft and gentle background music of a string quartet, a glass of champagne in your hand, beautiful surroundings, rubbing shoulders with the great and the good of Northern Ireland society and the most memorable image of all - members of the WLHA wearing suits and dressed to the nines in finery other than military uniform.

What was the occasion? Well, members of the WLHA were invited to attend The U.S. Consul General's Independence Day Reception on the 26th of June at her official residence in Belfast. To learn more click here


There are times when it is a real privilege to call yourself a re-enacter. Those are the times when in the eyes of the public, veterans or VIPs that you recreate an actual occasion that some remember or , by its very nature, stands out by it's local significance or poignancy. Those are the times when the members of the WLHA move far and beyond any label of just "guys in costume". To learn more click here


In order to prepare for the coming season, detachments of the WLHA's 82nd airborne and Royal Ulster Rifles travelled to Duncannon Fort in Co. Wexford to train with the 101st Airborne and British Royal Irish Rifles squads from the cork based Wargroup reenactment group.  Two days of intensive training covered areas such as infantry defensive and offensive squad tactics, night operations, ambushes, street fighting, house clearing, weapon safety, etiquette and drill. Hopefully this is the first of many future joint allied tactical training sessions which can be used to produce ever more authentic displays at public events. Thanks to the Wargroup guys for hosting us for the weekend. To view pics click here

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