The WLHA are busy all year round and have activities and exciting developments happening often. To be up to date with all the clubs news and gossip, please check back at this page soon.


A combined force of Russian, British, American and German WLHA troops took over the front row seats at the Empire Burlesque Blitz in November. Dancers and acts from the time entertained the troops while barrage balloons and newsreels flled the air. A friendship was struck up with the Burlesque Belles  and  it is likely these rowdy troops and these morale boosting ladies may cross paths again at future events. The WLHA plan to attend several more miltary themed dances and shows before christmas. Watch out Belfast! Photos of some of the clubs recent night time excursions can be seen here.


The WLHA attended a community memorial weekend at St Brendans in Sydenham Belfast in November along with vehicle collectors, the territorial army, WW1 collectors among others. US WW2 veteran Teddy Dixon dropped in on the club again and offered rifle drill tips to the 82nd airborne troopers. The following day a squad of WLHA yanks visited the former US cemetery at Lisnabreeny in Castlereagh folowing a nearby memoral service.  Some photos of the clubs recent community events can be seen here.


The UMVC Show in PortStewart was a massive success for the WLHA.The club entertained the public over the two day event with 4 Battle Re-Enactments which included Western & Eastern Front skirmishes. The clubs newest prop a purpose built German Bunker/Gun Emplacement was the center piece for the whole affair. The spectacle this year was greatly enhanced with Allied and Axis Armour which proved decisive in the battles.

Off the field of battle the Units of the WLHA again proved themselves to be some of the best in the country with impressive camps all based around a combat theme. During the day the Allied and Axis camps faced off over no man's land with each unit entrenched in their fox holes/fire pits, just waiting for the opportunity to engage the enemy in combat.

The ever coveted UMVC Best Re-Enactment Display was won this year by the Russians forces who's camp included a well dug in Maxim and HQ position. Not to be outdone the Axis forces display was awe inspiring with a 20mm Anti-Aircraft position and enough firepower to sink a small battleship. The British and US camps put on a good show as always with special mention going to the US Medical Clearing station which took on casualties throughout the day and tended to their wounds. To view pics of this event click here


After completing a hectic June with a show each weekend. The club held its own event in Roe Valley Country Park. The event was a Living History spectacle with everyone putting in a big effort to make the surrounds echo with the activities of a WW2 camp. The Americans began each day with a role call and a call to arms to the sounds of Revielle. Orders were then given and each man went about their duties, while being constantly observed and interrogated by the NCO's ensuring that standards were kept high.

In addition to the usual MG and mortar pits, the Yanks opened up the squad tent for the public to see where and how a GI slept while off duty. This display went down and storm and has heralded in a new age of displays for the American unit.

As usual the RUR put on an impressive display and with the Bren Gun Carrier in the background and the tea pot always on the boil the display proved to be a great hit with the public. The german unit of the club manned the front gate and welcomed in the punters in a way only a german soldier could.

It really was a sight to be hold when the guards goose stepped back in forth at the entrance to the displays and certainly made the traffic slow down and look on in awe.

Special thanks must go to the vehicle owners who's impressive contribution really headed to bring the whole area to life. To view pics of the event click here


It seems like the Rain is following us :-) as when the club attended the Loughbrickland show at the weekend it rain constantly for the two day show. But not willing to admit defeat the club still put on an impressive display, with the Russian unit unvailing a new prop for there ever expanding diorama. Special thanks must go to all the vehicle owners who joined us on our camp. Lets hope Carrickfergus and Crom Castle are a drier affair. To view pics of the weekend click here


WOW What a weekend we had in Duncannon Fort. The event continues to improve year on year as is the amount of Re-Enactors. The WLHA were treated to old army billets complete with beds! The billet itself had numerous markings/writing on the exposed rafters, with names and ranks of long gone soldiers both British and Free State forces. The organisers put everything on for us with breakfast and dinner at a modest price and a free BBQ on the Sat Night with as many extra portions as you could eat some of us made better use of this than they all know who they are.

Just some of the highlights of the show for me was the US vehicle convoy through the mist and fog AWSOME and a classic battle on the sunday not only we were battling the germans but we were also battling the weather with monsoon type conditions on the battle field it really was an experience I wont forget in a hurry. To view pics and video of the event check out the gallery here


The Club attended its first major event of the 2008 season with a trip to the Shanes Castle Steam Rally. What started off as a simple leaflet drop turned into a full blown display with the Allied and Axis forces putting on large living history displays.

The British section had access to the recently purchased GP Tent original of cours!e and it was put to great use with the other props available to the unit. The highlight of the event was the 4 mini skirmishes we took part in which was held in the main arean being viewed by well over one thousand people. To view pics of the event click here


Before the start of the WLHA's most busiest season yet (12 events) we decided to take a day and have a little bit of fun but learn at the same time. What we came up with was a WW2 Airsoft day where we carried out our standard tactical movements but under a hail of 6mm plastic balls.

The whole experience really helped the guys that took part hug the dirt and crawl properly for the first time since being an infant. To view pics of the day click here keep an eye out for the ABN Trooper who thought he was in SQUAT


Members of the club took part in a documentary based on the experiences of the 82nd Airborne Division in Northern Ireland. With Filming taking place in KillyMoon Castle (HeadQuarters 505th PIR) and Tullyhogue (Half Way Bar). The documentary is based on the book Passing Through by John McCann. The programme is due to be aired on BBC Northern Ireland in the Spring. To view pics click here



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